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Veronica Avluv was born on February 16, 1973 and is a voracious cougar. She likes girls, she likes guys and while she is always up for a threesome, she's even done a couple of group scenes. This is one very wicked lady sure to turn the heat beyond the boiling point.

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Date added: 10-11-2015 Rating:
Like 132
Dislike 17
Date added: 10-10-2015 Rating:
Like 140
Dislike 17
Date added: 10-13-2013 Rating:
Like 140
Dislike 19
Date added: 09-15-2013 Rating:
Like 165
Dislike 22
Date added: 06-09-2013 Rating:
Like 177
Dislike 24
Date added: 01-20-2013 Rating:
Like 133
Dislike 17