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Katsuni was 18 when she started working as a go-go dancer while studying political science and literature in preparation for a career as a literature teacher. Three years later, she met a Penthouse magazine photographer who approached her about posing as a model, eventually leading to her being asked to perform in adult films. Her sense of adventure and love for sex helped her make her choice, first to enter the industry, then to become the first contract girl with Penthouse France. Today, with more than 300 movies and many box and magazine covers to her name, Katsuni has become the most famous French porn star in the world. She�s the only French star in the top 10 porn stars on the planet, according to Genesis magazine. With 29 international awards from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mexico, Berlin, Barcelona, Turin and Paris, including 12 AVN Awards, she�s the pornostar with biggest numbers of awards.

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Date added: 06-16-2012 Rating:
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Date added: 06-09-2012 Rating:
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