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Beautiful porn model Karina Play is a hot teen pornstar and she can be seen in some hot galleries showing her hot tits and lovely ass. Her body has 36D-25-36 curves and Karina Play surely has some goods to show in her porn galleries. Born in Ukraine in 1979-07-29, Karina Play has entered the porn industry to become a succesful star and she has managed to be a well known name. With almost 50 movies on the active Karina Play is surely a hot porn performer and she is a real teen treat. She loves to get real nasty in her movies getting into hot anal and double penetration scenes so Karina Play does it all on screen showing how a real pornstar should act. Taking some deep double penetrations with big dicks Karina Play surely enjoys the pleasures of sex.

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Date added: 11-07-2004 Rating:
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Date added: 03-16-2004 Rating:
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